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male depression

Male depression has been a very well kept secret until recently.

How does this differ from normal depression?

Men who appear "successful" can often mask their depression with workaholism, substance abuse, withdrawing from their intimate relationships, and defensive and sometime aggressive behaviour with others.

Depressed men are more likely to talk about physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and stomach upset rather than emotional symptoms.

If you are one of these men, you may also be aware of feeling stressed or tired, but not be aware of  much else emotionally.

This quiz is designed to assess whether you are suffering from male-type depression.


How to take this Quiz:

Please go through each question and select the response that is most accurate for you.

Please note, this quiz is similar to the general Depression Quiz - but has been adapted to determine depression in men specifically.

This exercise should give you a guideline to help you determine if you are covertly depressed.

1) Do you subject yourself to very harsh criticism?
2) Are you very sensitive to the possibility of being shamed or looking bad?
3) Do you struggle to describe your feelings?
4) Do you avoid putting yourself in situations where it might appear that you are failing?
5) Do you blame others for your bad moods?
6) Do you demand respect without exhibiting behaviour that would earn it?
7) Do you think that all your problems would end if only someone else acted differently?
8) Are you guarded and suspicious of others?
9) Do you have frequent angry outbursts?
10) Do you crave sex desperately?
11) Have you been involved in an affair (now or in the past)?
12) Do you self-medicate with substances, TV, video games or the internet?
13) Do you engage in high-risk behaviours (driving fast, inappropriate flirting, risky business ventures)?
14) Are you a workaholic?
15) Are you compulsive about time and order?
16) Are you a perfectionist?
17) Do you have difficulty grieving when you suffer a loss or disappointment?
18) Do you find yourself not wanting to talk about issues when they come up? Do you feel worthless? Are you discouraged about the future?
19) Do you shy away from hearing about your problems because they might bring you down? Do you feel that everything is going wrong, no matter how hard you're trying?
20) Do you insist everything is okay, even when it's obvious that it is not?

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