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All of us have experienced periods of sadness, disappointment, loss of energy or motivation, or “the blues” on occasions, but Major Depression is a more severe and long lasting form of these.

It is when that down, rotten feeling invades every part of your life.

Perhaps you've been feeling down lately, or you've lost enthusiasm for life? If you're wondering whether it's just a bad day, week or month; or whether how you're feeling is more serious depression, this quiz has been designed to help.


How to take this Quiz:

Please go through each question and select the response that is most accurate for you.

Please note: this quiz is similar to the Male Depression quiz. If you are concerned about covert depression (for men) more specifically, please take that quiz.

This exercise should give you a guideline to help you determine if you are Depressed.

1) Do you feel sad and miserable most of the time (nearly every day)?
2) Do you become frightened for no apparent reason? Do your fears seem exaggerated?
3) Do you feel like crying all the time? Do you experience fits of crying?
4) Do you feel restless and agitated?
5) Do you feel more irritable than usual?
6) Do you experience feelings of emptiness and guilt?
7) Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy?
8) Do you feel apathetic or lethargic? Is it difficult for you to get motivated in the morning?
9) Are your movements, speech and decision making slower than usual?
10) Is your performance at work deteriorating?
11) Have you been engaging in risky behaviour, such as driving through red lights or not wearing a seatbelt?
12) Have you increased your use of alcohol or other drugs?
13) Have you lost interest in sex?
14) Have you suddenly become much more dependent on other please, or clingy?
15) Do you tend to blame others when you're in a bad mood?
16) When the phone rings, do you tend to ignore it, even though you know it may be a good friend calling?
17) Have you been turning down invitations to get together with friends because you think your 'down mood' will just depress everyone else?
18) Do you feel confused or forgetful? Do you have difficulty making decisions?
19) Do you often feel worthless? Do you feel discouraged about the future?
20) Do you feel that everything is going wrong, no matter how hard you're trying?
21) Do you feel that everyone would be better off if you weren't around?
22) Do you have difficulty sleeping? Or do you sleep for hours on end without feeling rested?
23) Do you feel exhausted most of the time?
24) Do you complain of persistent physical symptoms without an origin, that don't seem to respond to treatment?
25) Have you noticed changes in your appetite? Have you lost a significant amount of weight without dieting (5% of body weight within a month)? Or are you overeating?

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