Sturt Stress Quiz

This is a test to determine the level of stress in your life.

Select the number that describes how often you have experienced the following stress symptoms in the past 3 to 6 months:

1) Chronic hyper-arousal
2) Trembling
3) Hyperventilation
4) Dizziness
5) Sleep disorders / insomnia
6) Pounding heart
7) Chronic headaches
8) Trouble breathing
9) Chest pains
10) Chronic backaches
11) Muscular tension
12) Tension
13) Anxiety / nervousness
14) Skin problems
15) Chest problems
16) Cold extremities (hands or feet)
17) Restlessness
18) High blood pressure
19) Digestive problems
20) Allergies
21) Persistent colds
22) Constantly exhausted or tired most of the time
23) Constantly keyed-up feeling
24) Becoming more irritable, shorter and shorter fuse
25) Have less & less time for people, even family and friends
26) Increasing difficulty in making decisions
27) Aware or frequent difficulty in concentrating
28) Chronic forgetfulness
29) Feeling hopeless, like “Who cares?”, “Why bother?”
30) Often wake up in the morning unrefreshed
31) Frequent feelings of worthlessness (‘I am a Failure”)
32) Loss of enthusiasm or enjoyment about your work
33) Appetite change, eg over-eating, loss of appetite
34) Overlooking normal duties or responsibilities
35) Feeling unappreciated most of the time
36) Feeling burdened by responsibilities and pressures
37) Aware of accomplishing less and less in the time available
38) Withdrawing, absenting yourself
39) Becoming excessively pre-occupied with details
40) Increasing inability to say “No”
41) Becoming overly dogmatic, inflexible or fussy
42) “Driving” yourself too hard in your work
43) Becoming cynical or hyper-critical with family or friends
44) Increasing boredom with work or life in general
45) Frequent daydreaming
46) Losing a clear perspective on life or work
47) Inability to enjoy, or to laugh
48) A growing sense of being “out of control” in an area of life
49) Reliance on alcohol
50) Reliance on drugs
51) Reliance on cigarettes
52) Reliance on caffeine
53) Reliance on food

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