Novaco Anger Test


Novaco Anger Test

If you take 5 minutes to honestly answer these questions, it will give you an indication of whether you have an Anger problem or not, and if so, how severe it is. Remember, you need to be honest in your answers.


Imagine you are in these situations. Try to imagine the incident actually happening to you, and then score how angry it would have made you feel on an average day for you.

1) You are waiting to be served at a restaurant. 15 minutes have gone by, and you still haven’t even received a glass of water.
2) Being overcharged by a repairman who has you over a barrel.
3) Being singled out for correction, when the actions of others go unnoticed.
4) You are trying to rest or read, but there are children nearby who are making a lot of noise while playing.
5) Being called a liar.
6) You are in the midst of a dispute, and the other person calls you a “stupid jerk”.
7) Hearing that a person has been deprived of his/her constitutional rights.
8) Someone borrows your car, consumes 1/3 of a tank of fuel, and doesn’t replace it or compensate you for it.
9) People who think that they are always right.
10) You unpack an appliance that you have just bought, plug it in, and discover that it doesn’t work.
11) Struggling to carry four cups of coffee to your table at a cafeteria, someone bumps into you, spilling the coffee.
12) Getting your car stuck in the mud.
13) You are typing a report, hurrying to make a deadline, and the computer crashes.
14) Employers who take advantage of their employees’ need for work by demanding more than they have a right to.
15) Watching someone bully another person who is physically smaller than he is.
16) Persons in authority who refuse to listen to your point of view.
17) You have hung up your clothes, but someone knocks them to the floor and fails to pick them up.
18) Being stood-up for a date.
19) Noise and disorder at the dinner table.
20) You are driving to pick up a friend at the airport and are forced to wait for a long freight train to pass.
21) You are driving along at 90 kph, and the guy behind you is right on your bumper.
22) You are talking to someone and they don’t answer you.
23) Hitting your finger with a hammer.
24) Newspapers slanting the news against persons in political office to make them look bad to the public.
25) You have made arrangements to go somewhere with a person, who backs off at the last minute and leaves you hanging.
26) Being joked about or teased.
27) Your car is stalled at a traffic light, and the guy behind you keeps blowing his horn.
28) Seeing somebody berate another person to excess.
29) Being pushed or shoved by someone in an argument.
30) You accidentally make the wrong kind of turn in a car park. As you get out of your car someone yells at you, “Where did you learn to drive?”.
31) Someone who pretends to be something that he is not.
32) You walk out to the parking lot, and you discover that your car has been towed away by the police.
33) Working hard on a project and getting a poor evaluation.
34) Someone makes a mistake and blames it on you.
35) You get in your car to drive to work, and the car won’t start.
36) Being hounded by a salesperson from the moment you walk into a shop.
37) Being given an unnecessarily difficult exam when you need a good grade.
38) You are deprived of a promotion to which you are entitled because you haven’t played up to the right people.
39) Someone who tries to make you feel guilty.
40) You are trying to concentrate, but a person near you is tapping his foot.
41) Getting punched in the mouth.
42) When you are criticized in front of others for something that you have done.
43) You lend someone an important book or tool, and he fails to return it.
44) In the parking lot, the person whose car is next to yours swings open his door, chipping the paint from your car.
45) Getting cold soup or vegetables in a restaurant.
46) Someone who is always trying to get “one-up” on you.
47) You have had a busy day, and the person you live with starts to complain about how you forgot to do something that you agreed to do.
48) People who constantly brag about themselves.
49) Being thrown into a swimming pool with your clothes on.
50) Banging your shins against a piece of furniture.
51) You are trying to discuss something important with your mate or partner, who isn’t giving you a chance to express your feelings.
52) Being forced to do something you don’t want to do.
53) You are in a discussion with someone who persists in arguing about a topic he knows very little about.
54) Losing a game you wanted to win.
55) Being told to “go to hell”.
56) Someone making fun of the clothes you are wearing.
57) Someone sticking his nose into an argument between you and someone else.
58) You are walking along on a rainy day, and a car drives past, splashing you with water from the street.
59) Acts of prejudice against a minority or ethnic group.
60) Someone spits at you.
61) You need to get somewhere quickly, but the car in front of you is going 40kph a 60kph zone, and you can’t pass.
62) Being talked about behind your back.
63) You have just cleaned up an area and organized the things in it, but someone comes along and messes it up.
64) Hearing that a very wealthy person has paid zero income tax.
65) Stepping on chewing gum.
66) Someone ripping off your car antenna.
67) You are involved in watching a TV program, and someone comes up and switches the channel.
68) Being told by an employer or teacher that you have done poor work.
69) You are in a ball game, and one of your opponents is unnecessarily rough.
70) Being mocked by a small group of people as you pass them.
71) Acts of economic exploitation whereby people in business make excessive profits by taking advantage of need and demand.
72) You are in a theatre ticket line, and someone cuts in front of you.
73) Being forced to do something in a way that someone else thinks it should be done.
74) You use your last 20 cents to make a phone call, but you are disconnected before you finish dialing..
75) In a hurry to get somewhere, you tear a good pair of pants on a sharp object.
76) Being misled and deceived by someone holding political office.
77) You are out for an evening with someone who indirectly conveys to you that you just don’t measure up to his or her standards.
78) While washing your favorite cup, you drop it, and it breaks.
79) Children leaving their toys and play items scattered about the house on the floor and furniture.
80) Discovering you deliberately were sold defective merchandise.

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