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Frequently Asked Questions

Your first appointment can feel daunting if you haven’t been to see a Psychologist before. Please be assured that we will make you feel at home as we are here to genuinely help you, and our therapeutic alliance with you is very important to us.
We will use this initial session to gain a good understanding of your particular situation and symptoms, to assist in a diagnosis and deeper insight into the way you are feeling.
Then we will give you a plan for your treatment and how you might progress over the following weeks. You will also leave with some beginning strategies to start your therapy straight away.
We look forward to helping you become happier, more centred in your own being, and more fulfilled in your life.

Our Counselling session costs (for 50 min sessions) range from $170 to $190.

No, you don’t need a referral from your GP to access our counselling service. If you do want to access a Medicare rebate though, you will need to see your Doctor for a Mental Health Care Plan before coming in for your first appointment.

After your initial session, we usually book you in for 6 appointments to make sure you have a regular place. Towards the end of these sessions, we review together your progress and discuss future plans.

Your therapeutic process will differ from everyone else’s as it is very much tailored to your needs.

How many sessions you have in total depends a lot on your issues and how long you have had them. Also, some clients progress very quickly and others more slowly.
On average a client comes for between 6 to 12 sessions, sometimes coming back to touch base on a regular basis. Normally you would expect to attend for a minimum of 6 sessions, as it is difficult to achieve lasting results in less time than this.

Generally speaking though, clients continue their counselling for as long as they feel it is beneficial. There are no minimum or maximum number of sessions required, and you are at liberty to decide for yourself.

We Hart Psychologists are very experienced in providing both long- and short-term counselling and we develop specific treatment plans depending on what you most need. We are committed to not over-servicing you, and are in constant contact with you about how happy you are with your progress.

There are no minimum or fixed number of sessions that you need to attend. Once we book you in for your first session, you can then choose how often you would like to attend. Most clients attend weekly or fortnightly, and then often move to monthly sessions when they feel they are ready.

The information discussed in your counselling session is entirely confidential and will not be released to anyone except with your express permission.

There are only a few exceptions to this - when our Psychologist feels your life, or someone else’s life is in immediate danger;  if they are mandated by law to report the abuse of a child under 16yrs;  or the records fall under legal subpoena from a court of law.

We understand that there may be reasons why you may need to change your appointment. We just ask that you be considerate that our Psychologist has set aside an hour of their time for you and give us at least 24 hours notice of any changes you might need.

If you cancel or change your appointment within the 24 hours, and we can’t fill this appointment, you may be charged half the normal fee.

If you don’t turn up for an appointment you have made and don’t give us notice, we reserve the right to charge you the full rate.


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