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"I help clients feel comfortable and supported by being myself, by taking time that is needed, by listening to understand."

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About our Psychologist:

1. How many years’ experience do you have practicing / helping clients?

I have been practicing for 14 years.

2. What do you find most rewarding about working with people who have depression?

Helping, letting them know they are not alone,  giving assistance that works for them

3. What do you find most rewarding about working with people who have anxiety?

Helping, working with them to understand the causes of the anxiety, building resilience.

4. What do you find most rewarding about working with people who are stressed?

Helping, working with them to understand the choices they are making and what they are trying to achieve, helping work through options that are relevant to them.

5. How do you help clients feel comfortable and supported?

By being myself, by taking time that is needed, by listening to understand.

6. What methodologies and/or approaches do you find most helpful?

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – which is what we call third wave cognitive behavioural therapy  and brings together many ideas and traditions – especially mindfulness and effective problem solving.
  • Schema Therapy – again an amalgam of many other techniques – including cognitive therapy and psychodynamic  therapy – looking at early childhood experiences and maladaptive belief systems.
  • Client centered approaches – which means adapting the therapy to the person – I agree with  those who say that every client requires the crafting of an individual therapy.  A good therapist needs a wide palette and a willingness  to use  whatever colours are required for the person and the situation.

7. What have clients said about how you have helped them most?

By listening, by understanding, by supporting them, by helping them think differently about themselves and the circumstances they are in.

8. What is the best or most heart-warming feedback you’ve received from a client?

"You helped me see myself differently".

9. List 3 things that your friends and family would describe you as….

  • Thoughtful
  • Insightful
  • Interested

10. List 3 strengths that you have as a psychologist…..

  • My psychology is part of my life in a very direct way - it is part of what I am personally interested in.
  • I have the capacity to listen and be open and receptive. My  sessions are very much about my client not about me.
  • I am genuinely motivated to be alongside my clients – I form effective therapeutic alliances.

11.  Are there any particular practices that you use personally as well as in your work?

I have been practicing meditation for most of my adult life and integrate the benefits of mindfulness meditation into my practice. My personal values are aligned with compassion, self awareness and valued living.

12. Why do you love doing this work?

I like to feel the common humanity of all people. I  enjoy the challenges of working with different people as it requires me to be very aware of myself as well as the client. I am intrigued by the way people understand the world, how they come to believe things and what they do in transacting their challenges. I enjoy developing meaningful trusting relationships with people.

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