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David is a Psychologist who specialises in individual and Relationship Counselling, with 30 years experience.   He has worked in private practice as well as in Community Mental Health, Organisational/Corporate settings with EAP providers, and at the Vietnam Veterans Counselling Service.

David’s primary focus and professional interest has been in stress and anxiety management (including PTSD), Anger Management and on Relationships (including Sex Therapy).  He has had specialised training in Couples counselling, Mediation/Conflict Resolution and in Life Coaching.  David’s counselling approach is client-centred and based on Solution-oriented Brief Therapy framework, and his therapeutic modalities include CBT, EMDR, NLP, Hypnotherapy  (and others).

David’s philosophy is to facilitate personal growth by eliminating emotional obstacles (e.g. childhood traumas), identifying inner strengths and resources, and building on these to encourage, empower and enable the person to be all they can be.  In relationship counselling, David’s aim is for a couple to build together the most fulfilling and satisfying relationship possible, one that lasts and is able to adjust to and withstand changing situations and stages of life.  David will often work with partners individually (to help them address and resolve their personal issues that adversely impact on their relationship) before proceeding with joint Relationship Counselling.  David values his work with couples because he appreciates the significant impact (both positive and negative) that couples can have on people around them (children, families, social networks, work places and communities).

As well as relationship counselling and sexual counselling, David is available for Pre-marriage counselling, porn addiction and narcissism.

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