Do I Have a Panic Disorder?

Many of us have experienced it. Your heart is beating a million miles an hour, hands are shaking, you can’t catch your breath, that feeling of sickness keeps rising, the walls are closing in and the room starts to blur. It’s happening - you’re having a panic attack. For some, these attacks occur in response Read More

Do I Have Post Natal Depression?

Post Natal Depression is more than the “Baby Blues”. Bringing a new baby into the world can be the most amazing and most terrifying thing that any of us will do. Through the roller-coaster ride of childbirth and caring for a new baby, many of us have experienced moments of sadness, anxiety, fear and shock Read More

What is Male Depression and how does it differ from normal depression?

Male depression has been a very well kept secret until Terry Real published his book "I don't want to talk about it; Overcoming the Secret legacy of Male Depression" in 1977. Since then a number of prominent Psychologists have written and educated our profession of Psychology about this condition, the most recent one being David Read More
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